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Tim's Story:

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              Tim's Passion

" the Lord your God..."Deut. 6:5

         "But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door,
           pray to your Father who is in the secret place..." (Matthew 6:6) 
There is JOY in "Private Praying!" So - just do it...


Having read 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "...pray without ceasing..."  I challenged God to teach me, to show me how to understand this scripture. That was over 21 years ago. What I've learned in those first few years has transformed my relationship with God from a casual association, to a joyous relationship in love, trust, and dynamic purpose.


Praying privately with God has a Biblical design.


As I began to cultivate a private relationship with God, I found out it's not only empowering, and Biblical - But God commands private prayer (Deut. 6:5). The Tabernacle book uses Biblical scripture to analytically unravel the dynamics of praying, of getting alone with God in adoration. These primary components, 1. the Lord's prayer, 2. the types of furnishings within the tabernacle (Spiritual activities w/in the human body), and 3. the blood of Jesus, were all divinely anticipated to assist Christians in a powerful, personal, daily relationship with God. That's why He created us! He loves us, and He wants to know us, to meet with us daily making us strong for service.

Love God, Love your neighbor

We are commanded to love God and to love our neighbors (Matthew 22:37-39). These are relational issues requiring communication or prayer! The church today is very successful in its efforts to promote evangelism. Unfortunately, because she does not teach loving God first and foremost, most ministries lack power, persistence and clear direction because they do not understand abiding oneness.  Praying privately enables the practitioner proximity to God through the Prayer Column, where there is abundance in power, love and a sound mind.


Abiding Oneness


Praying without ceasing is another way the Bible teaches "abiding oneness." Private praying is the conscious side of praying upwards to God.  Our relationship with God and His ongoing continuity continues, whether we participate in it or not, from the top down through abiding oneness in Christ.


Streaming adoration to God, out of the heart, becomes a lingering residue of proximity with God in our hearts throughout the day. These vigorous morning session are blended into our day, and we become relevant to a dying world. Moses' face was ablaze with the glory of God, having come from the mountain and the presence of God.  He was also teaching me in His presence, making my life shine, a sort of Moses factor, and others were noticing!


Scripture is telling us that abiding oneness is happening from the top down, but it goes deeper into whether you exercise your son-ship from the bottom up. (It's) all about advancing into the proximity of God.


Just because one can cite Scripture that suggests that one is “in the spirit,” it does not follow that one really understands the nature of abiding “oneness.” Remember that most of our lives are lived in the vanity of our thoughts, which babble onward from daybreak to sunset, hardly visiting the divine places of the heart. For example, in John 10:3, 9 we read, “The sheep hear [the shepherd’s] voice ... [and they] will go in and out and find pasture.” If you are born again, you are not “unborn” so that you may go “out” again from relationship with Christ. By the blood of Jesus, by the Breath of God we are saved and cleansed, and you are not required by Jesus Christ’s words to go in and out of your cleansed condition. Jesus suggests a deeper principle in this swinging gate parable. It has little to do with our thought life, the thinking process. This parable places us at the gates of prayer!

Today we have a choice to be either spiritually in or out of pasture, to be praying to God each and every

morning! We must choose to move into an abiding relationship from the bottom up, which is determined

by our willingness to go there. God’s relationship with us in Christ is ongoing from the top down.



The focus of this book is three fold:

1. Build a Biblical foundation for persistent, vigorous, and pleasing sessions with God in Christ.

2. Help our Jewish friends understand Messiah, and to reclaim the reality of true temple sacrifice. 

3. Recognizing the Apostasy, or man's foolish attempts to know God apart from Christ.

    Access to God is through the blood of Jesus - period. (Ephesians 3:16).  (see bottom of Home page)

4. Have fun surfing along the way...

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